Hua Mulan

Hua Mulan

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… with her family in China during the Han Dynasty. Though she has been raised in a traditional setting, Mulan isn’t your typical young Chinese girl. She loves her mother, father and grandmother, but Mulan doesn’t care much about finding a man and starting her own family.

Living… in the town of her ancestors. This town, while idyllic, is still patriarchal, stifling the less-than-ladylike Mulan.

Profession… undercover soldier. Her duty is to visit and impress the matchmaker to ensure that she is matched with a good man. However, when the Huns invade China and every family is required to send a soldier to battle, Mulan’s plans change. When her aging and crippled father is called to war, Mulan chops off her hair and sneaks out in the night to take his place. She knows it’s extremely risky to impersonate a male soldier, but she can’t bear to see her father go off to battle where he will surely be killed.

Relationship Status… single. The matchmaker believes Mulan will never find a good husband because she is so clumsy and unladylike. This is fine by Mulan, who seems unconcerned with falling in love…until she meets her handsome troop leader, Captain Li Shang.

Challenge… remaining undercover while learning how to fight. Mulan must change her “girly habits” (like bathing) if she wants to trick her comrades into believing she is a man named “Ping.” She has difficulty rising to the physical challenges presented to her during training, but she’s focused on becoming a great soldier.

Personality… driven, intelligent, stubborn, and courageous. Though clumsy and awkward at first, Mulan proves to be an invaluable asset in battle because she is smart and unafraid to risk her life to protect China and her family. Mulan is loyal to her new friends, and they all help one another along the way.


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