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10 Cloverfield Lane

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Overview... a rugged survivalist who is finally proved right when aliens – or something – attack the earth and he takes to his fortified bunker with a few fellow survivors. Or maybe Howard is a disturbed doomsday prepper who has kidnapped a young woman, Michelle, to lock her in his underground prison while spinning wild tales about how most of the rest of humanity has been wiped out and it’s not safe for her to leave. Or perhaps he’s a bit of both. It’s hard to say what the truth is, but one thing is certain – Howard’s not the first guy you’d choose to spend the rest of your days cooped up in a bunker with.

Personality... prepared, hyper-focused, and more than a little creepy. Howard just seems a bit off. Whether that’s harmless eccentricity or something more sinister is something Michelle has to figure out. He’s clearly spent years preparing his underground lair for an emergency, though, and has stockpiled enough supplies for them (including one of his employees, Emmett) to live in relative comfort for months or even years. Whether that’s something they want to do alongside Howard, however, is another question. 

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