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Howard Stern

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About Him

Grew Up… with a loud and angry father, who verbally abused Howard. Howard became the kind of teenager who other kids pick on. Howard then went to Boston University, and studied communications. He was a disc jockey at his college radio station, and from then on he was hooked.

Living… as one of the hottest radio hosts in America. Known for his risqué humor and unabashed tackling of sexual subjects on the air, Howard quickly became a champion of bored radio listeners everywhere.

Profession… radio host. Along with DJ Fred Norris and news-anchor-turned-sidekick Robin Quivers, Howard Stern navigates the rocky waters of professional radio, running his talk show like a rebellious teenager.

Interests… bath tubs, performing, breaking rules, and battling with radio executives. Howard enjoys the things in life that get him into the most trouble.

Relationship Status… married. Somewhat miraculously, Alison, the girl of his dreams, agreed to marry him. They met during college at Boston University. Their relationship is hectic due to Howard’s antics on the air, publicizing many of the “private parts” of their relationship.

Challenge… reconciling his rebellious radio personality with his personal and professional relationships. Not only do his producers battle him to tame his wild ways, but his wife Alison also has serious issues with Howard’s extreme openness.

Personality… loud, wild, and controversial. Howard loves getting a rise out of people. He’s also quite narcissistic, though he has a self-deprecating sense of humor as well. Facetiously, he says of himself, “I am the hero of the lesbian community.” Thankfully, he can be serious with his wife in private, where there’s no audience to impress.

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