Howard Roark
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Howard Roark

The Fountainhead

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About Him

Grew Up… studying to be an architect. Despite his obvious talent, Howard is too stubborn to be professionally successful, and it's his refusal to follow norms that gets him kicked out of Stanton Institute of Technology.

Living… in New York City, outside the limelight. Howard comes to New York to find work, but that doesn't mean he's changed much from his college days. He has an unwavering vision of what good architecture is, and he refuses to give into traditional ideas of art. 

Profession… architect. In world full of conformity and artistic mediocrity, Howard doesn't give into the pressures to be acceptable, even when he's blasted critics from The New York Banner. However, another writer for The Banner, Dominique Francon, is more favorable, seeing Howard's designs as innovative and unique, especially when compared against those of her fiancé.

Relationship Status… in a torrid love affair with his work. That's all that he thinks about, as he sees architecture is the ultimate statement of himself. As he says, “My reward, my purpose, my life, is the work itself - my work done my way! Nothing else matters to me!" However, has Howard met his match in Dominique Francon? 

Challenge… making it as an architect. Except for former architect Henry Cameron, few people are willing to hire Howard, and Howard has no desire to work for anyone who would ask him to compromise his artistic integrity. It's a decision that's left him often struggling to pay the bills, but Howard refuses to abandon his ideals for mere money.

Personality… skilled, principled, and eloquent. An individualistic workaholic, Roark is a stubborn, talented man who refuses to part with his values even in the face of failure.

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