Howard Brackett
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Howard Brackett

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Living… in rural and quiet Greenleaf, Indiana. Small town life suits Howard.

Profession… English literature teacher. He is proud of all his former students, including Cameron Drake who was up for an Oscar for playing a gay soldier in movie. But when Howard and his fiancé Emily saw his acceptance speech on the Academy Awards, Howard got a shout out on national television he never expected. Cameraon thanked Howard, his gay teacher, for the inspiration for his character. This stunned Emily who is ready to walk down the aisle with him in a few days. And it was an even bigger shock to Howard himself who has no idea why Cameron would consider him gay.

Interests… watching the movie Beaches, listening to Barbara Streisand, and dancing to disco.

Relationship Status… uncertain. Howard loves Emily; she’s his best friend. During their three-year courtship, they have done everything together. That is, everything except for having sex. With the wedding approaching this week, Howard is starting to get cold feet. But he feels he has to go through with it. After all, she lost 75 pounds just for the wedding.

Challenge… proving his heterosexuality. Howard has even resorted to listening to an audio cassette to teach him how to be more of a manly man. But a reporter, Peter, is not buying Howard’s claim about his sexuality. Pete is gay, and he is determined to write a story about Howard’s outing. Though Howard has another idea of how to prove he’s not gay: by kissing Peter. He’s sure he won’t feel anything.

Personality… funny, witty, and maybe a little repressed. Howard is a great teacher, and an even better person.

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