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Living… in the city of Haven in the Lower Elements, the fairy civilization near the Earth’s core. Her parents are dead, so she lives alone, but she seems fairly comfortable and has all the basic amenities: a futon, a cooler with smoothies, hot showers, and slime pools.

Visiting… the surface of Earth, which is effectively the world of the “Mud People” (humans). Holly gets sent up when there’s fairy trouble in order to locate it and assess the situation.

Profession… officer in the Lower Elements Police, Recon division (LEPrecon). As the first female officer in Recon she’s under a lot of pressure to be on her best behavior. She’s the test case for introducing more gender equality to the department.

Interests… flying above ground. The taste of surface air, the picturesque view of nature, and even the flashy Mud People attractions like Disneyland are all delightful to Holly.

Relationship Status… single, which is ironic considering she’s Cupid’s granddaughter. She’s pretty attractive, so it’s not like she doesn’t have prospects; she just doesn’t have time. Working the Recon division is a fulltime job, especially with her boss, Julius Root, breathing down her neck all the time.

Challenge… escaping from the clutches of the teenage mastermind, Artemis Fowl. Through a mixture of magic and technology, fairies have hidden their existence from the human world for hundreds of years. But all of that is threatened when Artemis deduces that fairies exist, and hatches a ransom scheme in order to swell his already considerable fortune. He kidnaps Holly and holds her hostage in exchange for a substantial payment of gold. If Holly wants to keep the peace between humans and fairies – as well as her job – she’ll have to find a way to stop Artemis from succeeding in his greedy machinations.

Personality… caring, brave, and with a strong sense of right and wrong. Even though she thinks “the Mud People had a lot to answer for,” she swore to her mother that she would dedicate herself to protecting life in all its forms, and is willing to risk her life for humans. While Holly can keep a cool head in dangerous situations, she gets frustrated when people try to control her, and has a pesky habit of ignoring direct orders and deferring to her conscience.

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