Holly Tyler
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Holly Tyler

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Grew Up… in New York with her father and her older sister Val. After her father has to move to Japan for business, Holly decides to move in with her sister.

Living… with her sister in Val’s perfect apartment. Unlike Holly who is young and impulsive, Val is meticulous and responsible. At first, the pair clashes horribly and Holly threatens to move out constantly, and Val sometimes threatens to kick her out. Eventually, Holly learns to be more responsible and Val learns to hang loose every now and then.

Profession… high school student. Though she had a brief and ultimately horrible experience working as a waitress at Val’s boyfriend Jeff’s restaurant, she eventually finds work through her best friend Gary. Together they end up working at a copy store.

Interests… boys, shopping, making rash impulse decisions – you know, the basic teenage stuff. In her own words, “I could get arrested for shop-lifting! You know how I love stuff!”

Relationship Status… single, for now. It’s no secret that Holly loves boys. Due to her impulsive nature, she tends to fall quickly and move on just as quickly. Though she hasn’t been in anything serious as of yet, it seems to be just a matter of time.

Challenge… getting along with her sister. Though they ultimately love each other, Holly and Val couldn’t be more different. As Holly says, “My sister does not do Girls Night Out.” Val is a control freak and a true boring, old adult, in Holly’s mind anyway. Holly thrives in her youth and takes almost nothing seriously. Because of this, Val always feels like she needs to clean up Holly’s messes and take care of her. Holly stresses Val out even more than she already is and when Val blames her for her mistakes, Holly claims that Val doesn’t need to fix her. Eventually the pair reserves their fights for big events and generaly tackle their issues together, with Holly growing up and Val calming down.

Personality… fun, funny, childish, and impulsive. All Holly wants to do is have fun. And why not? She’s a teenager after all. Whereas Val grew up quickly and learned to be responsible by the time she was a teenager, Holly’s taking her sweet time leaving her teenage years behind. Despite the fact that she’s reckless and immature, Holly basically knows right from wrong, and will do the right thing most of the time. At the end of the day she loves her friends and family and will do anything for them, showing that at least she’s responsible when it comes to her relationships.

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