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Holly Sargis


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About Her

Living… in Badlands, where she's on the run with her paramour, Kit. Kit met Holly when she was fifteen and lived in South Dakota, and after telling her he'd never met a girl who behaved more like a grownup, he asked her to join him on the road. She agreed, and now they're constantly on the move, though once in a while they stay with Kit’s friends.

Profession… former student, now fugitive, following Kit wherever he goes. Holly doesn’t question him or the things he does. She thinks he wants the best for her – like the time he got her new schoolbooks so that she wouldn’t fall behind. The plan was to start a new life after leaving South Dakota, so they changed their names to James and Priscilla and moved north.

Interests… hiding out in the wilderness, down by a river in a grove of cottonwoods.  At night, she likes to sneak out to steal a chicken or melons from a melon patch. She mostly enjoys lying on her back with Kit and staring at the clouds for hours.

Relationship Status… devoted wholly to Kit. Kit is ten years older than her and came from the wrong side of the tracks, so her father never liked him, but Holly is infatuated.

Challenge… staying out of trouble. She knows the law enforcement is on their backs, and still doesn’t know why Kit does some of the things he does. Kit is the most trigger-happy person she’s ever met. He claims that as long as you're playing for keeps and the law is coming at you, it's okay to shoot all witnesses. You have to take the consequences though, and not whine about it later… and it's the consequences Holly’s worried about.

Personality… naïve and romantic. Holly's still quite young, and so Kit easily charms her over. It's not hard to see why: Kit's made a solemn vow that he would always stand beside her and let nothing come between them. Romantic, certainly, but ever since they went on the run, Holly's life has been changing beyond anything she could have expected.

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