Holly March
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Holly March

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Grew Up… with her parents, in Los Angeles. When she was a little girl, her house burned down due to a gas leak, which killed her mother. 

Living… in Los Angeles, in 1977. She lives with her dad, Holland March, a private eye, down the street from the site of their old house. 

Profession… student. Holly is still young, and goes to school every day. However, she also ends up assisting her father on his investigation. 

Interests… Holly is a typical teenager; she likes watching TV and reading. She also often visits the plot of land on which her house once stood. 

Relationship Status… single. Holly is only thirteen, and shows no interest in dating.

Challenge… helping her father, and proving herself to be an adult. Holly wants to be treated like the mature girl she is, so she smuggles herself into a party, where she encounters a case for her father. But soon, the case becomes larger than she presumed, and Holly must help her father fight for the good guys.  

Personality… smart, considerate, and mature. Holly is remarkably precocious, and is continually exposed to things above her age. She handles situations that come her way with great savvy, and continues to outwit the adults she meets. Holly has a large heart, and shows mercy even to the men who try to hurt her and her father. Holly has a sarcastic sense of humor, and her witty remarks earn the respect of adults.

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