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About Her

Grew Up... on Earth. As a global operative with missions in America, China, Russia, and outer space, Holiday is a citizen of the world.

Living... with Chessboard. Holiday is an agent of Chessboard. This special operations team conducts international espionage with the help of their advanced AI and genetically augmented agents.

Profession... assassin. Holiday remains genetically unaltered, since she is still a gen 1 agent, but nevertheless she is a highly trained assassin. However, while she has no trouble killing enemy agents, she is very concerned with collateral damage.

Interests... motorcycles. As a vehicles expert, Holiday is especially skilled at fighting while riding her experimental Hyperion anti-gravity motorcycle.

Relationship Status... single. Holiday doesn’t say much about her love life, but she is very close to her friend Val. She becomes extremely distressed when Val is rendered comatose and barely human by an explosion that Holiday blames herself for.

Challenge... uncovering the truth behind N313. When an off-course orbital weapons platform, N313, threatens to destabilize American-Chinese relations, Holiday and her teammates Val, Minuete, and Amelia are sent onboard to investigate. However, Holiday soon discovers an even more alarming truth.                                     

Personality... conflicted. Although she does her job very effectively, Holiday is still conflicted over things like the morality of killing, her fears of becoming obsolete in an increasingly evolving world, and how she can support her teammates even as they begin to distrust each other. As she says, “My friends are dying. It would do a lot for my morale if I understood what they were dying for.”

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