Holden McNeil
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Holden McNeil

Chasing Amy

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About Him

Living... in a studio apartment with Banky in New Jersey. It's a rented loft-style place with high ceilings, a hockey net, a VCR, a Laserdisc player, a Sega, a Super Nintendo, a huge couch, and two drawing boards. It has everything they need.

Profession... artist. But to pay the bills, he works on his comic with his partner Banky. As Banky reminds him, he's got his whole life to be a real artist. Right now, his fans demand new comics.

Interests... playing darts. But only in bars. He's not a professional.

Relationship Status... getting complicated with his friend Alyssa, another comic book writer. As he says, "She's the epitome of every attribute and quality I've ever looked for in another person. And if bringing it to light means we can't hang out anymore, then that hurts me. But I couldn't allow another day to go by without getting it out there, regardless of the outcome."

Challenge... coming to terms with Alyssa being a lesbian. He tells himself he still has a chance since maybe she just hasn't found the right man yet. To top it off, Banky doesn’t approve of his crush.

Personality... a cool, witty guy’s guy. He can talk about everything from Star Wars trivia to deeper topics, but he shows a softer side when he meets Alyssa. Who knew he was such a romantic?

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