Hogarth Hughes
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Hogarth Hughes

The Iron Giant

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About Him

Living… in Rockwell, Maine with his mother. The year is 1957, and Cold War has left the country paralyzed with fear of nuclear holocaust – a fear that is only worsened when a giant robot falls into the harbor. 

Profession… elementary school student. Hogarth isn't very popular in school. His classmates generally refer to him as “poindexter” or “shrimpy dork.” In fact, one of Hogarth's first real friends is the 100-feet tall "Giant" that crashes into town, whom Hogarth befriends and helps hide.

Interests… those befitting a nine-year-old boy: Twinkies with whipped cream, scary movies, and comics books. However, Hogarth is also surprisingly compassionate for his age, as shown in his soft spot for animals and his decision to take care of the Giant.

Relationship Status… single, but his age means Hogarth is more interested in comics and ice cream than girls.

Challenge… keeping the Giant hidden from the townsfolk and Mansley, a paranoid government agent intent on finding the metal man. Unlike the rest of his town, Hogarth sees the Giant not as an “it” but as a “he," and the young boy soon becomes the Giant's caretaker.  While most of his attempts to teach the Giant are lost in translation, Hogarth is able to pass on a few important messages: the fragility of life, the difference between good and evil, and the importance of forging your own path.

Personality… curious, intelligent, and socially awkward. Hogarth tries a little too hard to be cool, but he can't help but yell, "Wow, my own giant robot! I am now the luckiest kid in America!" upon finding the Giant. It is the same quality that allows him to see the humanity in the metal man.

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