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Living... with the Starks. A mentally challenged man, Hodor provides manual labor around the castle but can’t do much else, as his vocabulary is limited to his own name. He’s not the brightest, but he is incredibly loyal, and happily carries around Bran Stark after he’s crippled from a fall from a tower.

Profession... servant. Hodor works as a stableboy in Winterfell. He’s a humongous man with great strength, which comes in handy when young Bran Stark loses feeling in his legs.

Interests… Hodor has a childlike outlook on the world and is very happy to help out when the Starks need him. Unlike mentally handicapped people in some other noble families, he is treated with respect by the Starks and is not shunned or hidden away.

Relationship Status... single. Hodor may be too innocent for an adult, romantic relationship. But he has very close, friendly relationships with the Starks, especially the younger ones.

Challenge... being a gentle man in a family caught in a violent conflict. When Hodor is forced to wield a weapon or defend one of the Starks, he does what he must, but he hates being pulled into their lives in that way.     

Personality... simple, gentle, good-hearted, loyal. Though he could crush nearly anyone in the Seven Kingdoms with his huge, vise-like hands, he doesn’t really want to hurt a soul. He is a subdued and loyal servant who gets scared easily, but can take care of himself.

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