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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… an unconventional lifestyle, Mindy isn’t like other girls. For instance, she has never once been to school. Instead, her dad, Damon Macready, homeschools her in an educational program that teaches Mindy how to use martial arts weapons and firearms in order to prepare her for life as a professional vigilante.

Profession… superhero. When night falls, Mindy dons a purple wig, black cape, and purple leather suit and takes to the streets to fight crime. Utilizing a combination of firearms, blades, wits, and martial arts, she dispatches her foes with ease despite her diminutive stature. It seems like a dangerous job for a little girl, but on top of her impressive skills, she’s always accompanied by her even deadlier father: alias Big-Daddy.

Interests… knives, bowling, guns, and ice cream. Mindy’s interests are a weird composite of an eleven year old girl and an ageless psychopath. She delights in her vigilante work, and enjoys engaging in violence.

Relationship Status… homeschooled and too young for a boyfriend, Mindy’s best friend is her dad. They bond primarily over their shared passion for weapons. She’ll willingly put on a bulletproof vest so she can learn how to take a bullet to the chest. After all, “at close range like this… it's really no more painful than a punch in the chest.”

Challenge… helping her father get revenge on Frank D’Amico. Many years ago, when Damon was an NYPD officer, D’Amico framed him as a drug dealer. During Damon’s five-year prison sentence, his grief-stricken wife committed suicide. As soon as he got out of prison he began training himself and Mindy as vigilantes, planning to one day kill D’Amico and every person who works for him.

Personality… profane and sarcastic, Mindy possesses a hard-edged cynicism that takes most people a lifetime to attain. She’s a total professional who doesn’t let emotion get in the way of her missions. She’s borderline psychopathic in the level of delight that she takes in killing criminals, but she respects bravery in anyone. As she tells the relatively inept hero Kick-Ass, “you don’t have to be badass to be a superhero. You just need to be brave.”


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