Hiro Nakamura
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Hiro Nakamura


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About Him

Living... a bland life of routine in Tokyo, punching in and out at his boring job. Punching bad guys is something he reads about in comic books, until one day he discovers he can manipulate the time-space continuum. 

Profession... computer programmer for Yamagato industries, a Tokyo-based tech company. It’s a soul-sucking, mind-numbing job, but at least he gets to suffer with his best friend, Ando, another programmer at Yamagato.

Interests… comic books, animation, and living up to the heroes of those stories when he discovers his extraordinary powers. He also discovers a comic book with a protagonist who looks a lot like him, experiencing the crazy events he experienced the day before. Hiro is already excitable but this puts him over the edge.

Relationship Status... smitten with a Texas waitress named Charlie Andrews. The two flirt at her diner and he teaches her some Japanese, but soon she’s found murdered. He wants to save her by using his powers to travel back in time to save her. But he doesn’t know what else he will change when he travels into the past.

Challenge... dealing with the consequences of using his new powers. He can use them to cheat the casinos in Vegas, but his suspicious behavior might get him beat up. How can he use his powers for good without hurting anyone? He’s told if he saves the cheerleader, he saves the world. But who’s the cheerleader? And how is he going to do that?           

Personality... optimistic, enthusiastic, brave. When he’s stuck in a boring life, he dreams of adventure and excitement. When he gets his wish, he doesn’t waste it. He becomes the hero he dreamed of, inspiring others with his belief that the day can always be saved, even when all seems lost.

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