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About Him

Living… in Hillwooda big city in the northern United States. Arnold lives with his grandparents in a boarding house that they run, so his life is filled with all the colorful residents of the house.  

Profession… 4th grader at P.S. 118. Arnold is a good student, and he works hard at school. He gets along well with his teacher, Mr. Simmons, and he even gets the lead role in the school’s production of Romeo & Juliet 

Interests… jazz music, daydreaming, and helping people.  Arnold loves hanging out with his friends, especially his best friend Gerald, and he can often be found leading his baseball team to victory. Arnold also loves technology, and his decked-out bedroom shows it: his room features a remote-controlled skylight, pop-out couch, and stereo system. 

Relationship Status… crushing on a few cute girls in school, like Ruth and Lilah. Arnold hasn’t had much luck with any of his crushes liking him back, thoughBut Helga Pataki is constantly picking on Arnold, and it might be because she actually likes-likes him…  

Challenge… navigating life as a 9-year-old in the big city. Arnold is always patiently working toward doing the right thing. Even when others tease him and call him “football head, Arnold keeps a level demeanor. He rarely gets flustered. 

Personality… calm, optimistic, and kind. Arnold is a responsible and trusted friend. He’s often the moral compass of his group, guiding others to make the right decisions. Arnold is an idealist who always sees the best in people… and usually ends up bringing the best out in them. He’s quietly confident, ready to show off his signature style featuring a small baseball cap and a long button-down shirt.

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