Hero Boy
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Hero Boy

The Polar Express

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About Him

Living… in a cozy home with his parents and younger sister. It is the holiday season in 1950s America, and hisfamily is excited for Christmas.

Visiting… the North Pole. The Polar Express has come to take him there to show him the magic of Christmas.

Interests… playing with trains. Hero Boy has always wanted to sound a train whistle.

Relationship Status… single. Still at an age when he could believe in Santa Claus, Hero Boy is not interested in finding a girlfriend just yet. However, he does seem to like Hero Girl, and is willing to brave dangerous situations for her.

Challenge… hearing the sleigh bells ring. Only those who believe in Santa and the spirit of Christmas can hear the bells. Hero Boy is growing up and has reached a point in his life when, unlike his sister, he can no longer blindly believe in the existence of things like Santa Claus. Even so, he truly wants to believe in the myth. On the night of Christmas Eve, he admits, “I was listening for a sound I was afraid I’d never hear: the sound of Santa’s sleigh bells.”

Personality… brave, well-intentioned, responsible. Hero Boy is the kind of guy who would climb across the top of a moving train just to return a lost ticket to a girl. Even though he was the one who lost the ticket in the first place, how many people do you know who would go so far to right a wrong?

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