Herman "Vork" Holden

Herman "Vork" Holden

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Living… frugally. Herman, who prefers to be known by his online handle, Vork, doesn’t believe in excess costs like refrigerators, or electricity. He inherited his grandfather’s house and that’s where he lives, mostly in front of his computer screen.

Profession… none. Vork used to take care of his ailing grandfather full-time, but he passed away. Vork is still collecting his Social Security checks, which is how he pays for everything.

Interests… online gaming and obscure knowledge. Vork knows a wide variety of languages, even confronting a fellow gamer’s mother in Hindi. He’s also a certified notary public, and has an eerie ability to remember the exact cost of anything.

Relationship Status… single. Vork doesn’t seem to like people much, so that’ll probably stay true. His closest relationship is with the online game he plays for most of the day. There, he’s the leader of a guild called the Knights of Good, and he firmly believes in their ideals.

Challenge…maintaining control of the Knights of Good. Vork might believe in their mission, but the rest of his players have their own priorities. Sometimes those conflicting priorities not only sabotage the guild, but also require Vork to spend money, which he hates.

Personality… deliberate, anti-social, and strange. Vork emotes very rarely, and seems to actively try to not display emotions. He does without many of the pleasures of life, and plenty of what other people might consider necessities. His blank face and droning voice conceal someone who is not only surprisingly intelligent, but who cares deeply about right and wrong. Vork believes his position as guild leader gives him a heavy responsibility, and he is determined to do his “job” well.

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