Herbert I. McDunnough
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Herbert I. McDunnough

Raising Arizona

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About Him

Living... in Tempe, Arizona, with his wife Edwina (or “Ed” for short). They met in the police station. Even though Herbert (or “Hi” as Ed calls him) had a questionable past and Ed was a twice-decorated officer, they hit it off from the start.

Profession... machinist. Hi’s job is to drill holes in sheet metal. But that doesn’t pay enough. So he supplements his income by writing hot checks for things he can’t afford.

Relationship Status... married without children. Although he and Ed desperately want a baby, it hasn't worked out for them yet. Infertility has taken a toll on their relationship. As he puts it, "I preminisced no return of the salad days. The pizazz had gone out of our lives."

Challenge... making Ed happy. Hi’s tried everything, but he thinks he may now have a solution. He read in the papers that the Arizona quints were born. The father is owner of the largest chain of unpainted furniture and bathroom fixture outlets throughout the Southwest. As he ventures, "If I just take one of them kids, he and his wife wouldn't mind, would they? After all, I just figured the parents had more than they could handle, baby-wise."

Personality... eccentric, selfish, and unrealistic. Hi likes to converse in flowery language. But Hi doesn't want to act like a kid anymore; he wants to be a changed man and a decent father. If everything works according to plan, they are going to have a family, and he's going to start acting responsibly.

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