Henry Roth
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Henry Roth

50 First Dates

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About Him

Living... in paradise on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. His roommate is Willy, a pet African penguin.

Profession... veterinarian at Sea Life Park. He also does research. Soon, he’s going on a yearlong trip to Bristol Bay in Alaska to study undersea Pacific walrus behavior. He has been planning the trip for over 10 years.

Interests... hanging out with his buddy Ula. He's fun, but the weed is starting to go to Ula’s head.

Relationship Status... free of commitment. He's been single for a long time and has enjoyed countless meaningless encounters with tourists. He starts his dates with lots of drinks – but they are always non-alcoholic. As he says, it helps “them loosen up without impairing their ability to stay awake and have guilt-free, vigorous sex with me." He hopes they go home with fond memories of their time in Hawaii.

Challenge... falling for a local on the island, Lucy, who doesn't seem to know he exists. Lucy was in a terrible car crash a year ago and suffers from short-term memory loss. So he has to make her fall in love with him every day, only to do it again tomorrow. Ironically, it's similar to his other relationships except without the sex – a one-night stand over and over again.

Personality... fun-loving but shallow. But by going on the same first date with Lucy 50 times, maybe he can finally find a deeper approach to life.    

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