Henry Gondorff
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Henry Gondorff

The Sting

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About Him

Overview... a con man in hiding from the FBI in 1930s Chicago. Gondorff’s got to train grifter Johnny “Kelly” Hooker for a con against crime boss Doyle Lonnegan. Lonnegan’s got the whole city bought. He’s got a packing company, a chain of Savings and Loans and half the politicians in Chicago and New York. That makes Lonnegan a great target for Gondorff – except the crime boss is so vicious, Gondorff can’t afford any mistakes.

Personality... playful, sly, swindling, and smooth. Gondorff could con anyone into anything. Once they start listening to him, they're in trouble. The key to swindling Lonnegan is to not give him more than he asks for. If you rattle his imagination a little, he'll come up with all the right answers himself. But all he has to do is catch you in one lie and you’re dead.

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