Henry Fleming
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Henry Fleming

The Red Badge of Courage

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About Him

Living… with his mother until recently. Henry’s loving mother has always been supportive, willing to knit her son “eight pairs of socks.” But she has taken poorly to his decision to go off to fight in the Union Army. Still, she ultimately resigns herself to his decision, trying to support him while feverishly praying for his safety.

Profession… private in the 304th New York Regiment where he is ordered to march straight into battle time and again. Henry didn’t know what he was getting into when he happily went off to war. But now that he’s among the explosions and “clatter of musketry,” he understands what warfare is truly about, and he’s starting to doubt if he's up to the challenge.

Relationship Status… single. Henry is more concerned with staying alive than finding a girlfriend.

Challenge… overcoming his fears. Henry joined the war with hopes of being a hero, but so far he is far from that. The only courage he has shown is having the guts to run away from battle. However, his initial cowardice makes him all the more determined to prove that he can measure up to the rest of his regiment.

Personality… innocent, sensitive, and insecure. Only eighteen, Henry is still unsure of himself, but he's eager to find out. On the battlefield, he will soon learn what kind of man he is: the type to bear scars like crosses, or the type to run when death looks him in the eye.

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