Helena "Helly" Riggs

Helena "Helly" Riggs


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… unknown. A wiped memory leaves Helly dazed and confused by her past and how she came to be. Although she is told that she has volunteered herself to take up a severed position at Lumon Industries, she remains skeptical and curious as to why her “outie” (her outer self) brought her into existence.

Living… every waking minute in the office. It's not an existence many would want for themselves, but Helly seems to be even more adamantly against it than her coworkers. A true freethinker, she does not allow any of their opinions to change her stance. As she says to her manager, “Well, boss. I guess this is the part where I should tell you to go to Hell. Except you’re already here.”

Profession… employee in the Macro Data Refinement department at Lumon Industries. To say that Helly does not like her job is an understatement. She wants (and has tried) to free herself by any means necessary, however inexplicably, her outie always seems to send her back.

Interests… very few. Not only does she not remember what she likes in the outside world, but she is also too busy trying to rectify her precarious situation at her job to have any time to figure out what she enjoys in life. Being as hard-headed as she is, one can only imagine that she must have been truly passionate about something.

Relationship Status… single (as far as she knows at least). It is impossible for her to know for sure who and what is in her life in the outside world that drives her to keep coming back to work every day.

Challenge… working a job she hates at the hands of her “outie.” A bizarre dynamic exists between Helly and her “outie”, who seems to view her not as a part of herself, but as an imprisoned antagonist. To put it bluntly, Helly feels tortured at her job, but she has no one to blame but her own outside self.

Personality… quick-witted, stubborn, and intelligent. While she is incredibly capable in her profession, Helly’s unwillingness to submit to her role and follow orders does not make her ideal material for a menial worker at Lumon. She does not budge on her stance that her existence in this role essentially qualifies as inhumane imprisonment, leaving her to question what is different about her on the outside that makes her okay with such a violation of human rights.


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