Helen Harris
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Helen Harris

Raising Helen

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About Her

Grew Up... with two sisters. But Helen recently lost one of them. Lindsay died in a car crash with her husband Paul. Even though her other sister Jenny is the responsible one, Lindsay named Helen the guardian of her three young kids.

Living... with Audrey, Henry, and Sarah in Queens. Although Helen never thought she would end up as a bridge and tunnel person, she didn't have many other options. She couldn't afford a place big enough in Manhattan for all of them.

Profession... former executive assistant. Helen used to work for high-profile executive Dominique Courier, and she had a promise of promotion to agent. But her career is dead now. She had to quit in order to become a full-time mom.

Interests... seeing the sea lions at the Central Park Zoo and many other things she never thought she would be doing right now.

Relationship Status... surreal. A pastor she met in Queens just asked her out. Helen thought he might have taken a vow that he couldn't be with women, but he says that he can as a Lutheran minister. Only catch is he can't watch dirty movies, but he joked he is pushing for it.

Challenge... hanging on by a thread. As Helen says, “I lost my sister, my social life, my disposable income, my ability to fit into a size 2, and - this just in - my job. Pretty much the only two things that haven't disappeared are my nicotine fits and a few pounds that have recently taken up residence on my ass.”

Personality... wild and immature. But she’s growing up fast – almost as fast as the kids are.

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