Helen Harris III
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Helen Harris III


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Overview… the young, beautiful wife of the groom’s boss. Helen is a stunning, immaculate vision of success, which drives maid of honor Annie to the point of insane envy. Though the bride, Lillian, hasn’t known Helen for long, Helen is quick to rub their newfound friendship in Annie’s face, which causes the two to compete for Lillian’s attention. Even though Helen doesn’t outwardly sabotage Annie, her cutthroat ways slowly cause the pre-wedding events to turn chaotic, and ultimately leads to Annie and Lillian’s falling out.

Personality… pretentious, polite, and charismatic. Helen is well connected, seeming to know everyone from a restaurant owner in Vegas to the purveyor of a fancy bridal shop. Though her life seems perfect from the outside, it becomes clear that Helen’s life is not as fabulous or as happy as it seems. Helen strives for perfection and very much cares what others think of her. Although she is not malicious, her snobbery can be off-putting, and she has a hard time getting off her high horse. 

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