Hawk Hawkins
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Hawk Hawkins

Space Cowboys

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About Him

Grew Up… around planes. “Hawk” got his nickname from his ability to handle X-Planes back in the 1950s. He broke records in speed and altitude – and risked his life to do so.

Living… a bit past his prime. Hawk once dreamt of being the first American to walk on the moon. Unfortunately, that didn’t pan out. Today, in the year 2000, he’s still just “a kid who didn’t grow up,” a former Colonel in the U.S. Air Force who wants to re-live his days in the sky.

Profession… pilot. Hawk’s old friend (and rival), Frank Corvin, has recruited him for one last job. Corvin, now retired, has been hired by NASA to help navigate an old Soviet satellite away from Earth. Corvin decides that he needs his old team back – even if it means rekindling his complicated friendship with Hawk.

Relationship Status… involved with his superior at NASA, an engineer named Sara Holland. Hawk, despite his advanced age, still behaves like he’s a young, vigorous man.

Challenge… coming to terms with his life. Hawk learns that he has pancreatic cancer prior to his mission into outer space. Despite the poor prognosis, Hawk seems content. At least he gets to live out his lifelong dream: to travel into space. Now he just has to make the mission a success.

Personality… irreverent, eternally youthful, and daring. Even in his old age – or late middle age – Hawk can still fly a plane like a daredevil. Not even cancer is capable of frightening Hawk. “What is a pancreas anyhow?” he asks. “I mean, I don’t know what the damn thing does for you, besides give you cancer.”

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