Harry Tasker
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Harry Tasker

True Lies

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About Him

Living... a double life. His wife Helen and daughter Dana think Henry is a geeky computer salesman with Tektel Systems. In reality, he has really been a covert agent for 17 years.

Profession... spy. He is pursuing Abu Kaleem Malik, a highly fanatical terrorist responsible for car bombings in Rome and Lisbon, who has just formed his own splinter faction called Crimson Jihad.

Relationship Status... in trouble. When Harry surprised his wife at work to take her out to lunch, he heard her talking about a guy named Simon. Her co-worker called him her mystery man. Henry is heartbroken, but determined to win back his wife.

Challenge... fighting terrorism. Malik recently received one hundred million dollars from the Commerce Bank International – a front to disguise certain nations who fund terrorist activities. The US government suspects that Malik will drop nukes on American soil, and become increasingly worried after four MIRV warheads are smuggled out of the former Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan. Harry needs to stop Crimson Jihad before millions of lives are lost.

Personality... dreadfully boring to most, but in reality, the polar opposite. Henry has pretended to be boring for so long that it has become his natural state. He's going to shake things up in order to win back Helen and defeat America’s latest terrorist threat.

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