Harry Solomon
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Harry Solomon

3rd Rock from the Sun

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About Him

Grew Up… as an extraterrestrial in a faraway galaxy when he joined joined a mission to earth because there was an extra seat in the space ship.

Living… undercover as a human in a house with his “family,” Dick, Sally, and Tommy. In reality, they’re fellow aliens on a mission to gather information about humanity.

Profession… transmitter. Harry’s purpose in the group is to communicate with their supreme leader, The Big Giant Head. From time to time he will receive messages from their leader, and relay them to the team. He’s not very committed to his job, though, and spends most of his time lounging around the house.

Relationship Status… dating his landlady’s daughter, Vicki Dubceck. They both enjoy being lazy, lying around and generally wasting their days away in front of the TV. They’re a perfect match.

Challenge… proving himself to be more than the butt of his fellow aliens’ jokes. He wants to gain the respect of his teammates, but he’s not doing a great job. At first, he doesn’t even know how to use his human eyes, screaming, “Dick, I can’t see through my eyelids!” To which Sally replies, “Open them!” His trademark squint means they’re only slightly open for the rest of his time on Earth.

Personality… the resident buffoon of the Solomon household, even if Dick often gives him a run for his money. Compared to the other aliens he lives with, he’s incredibly dim-witted, and yet he knows way more than most humans he encounters. No one would be surprised if the Big Giant Head thought that was a lie, but that Head hasn’t seen the depths of human stupidity like Harry has.

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