Harry Sanborn
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Harry Sanborn

Something's Gotta Give

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About Him

Living... alone in New York City. He's never been married because he didn't want a “life of leftovers and a mini van parked in the garage.”

Visiting... his young girlfriend Marin’s mother’s beach house in the Hamptons. The couple went there for a romantic getaway, but it’s not turning out the way they had planned. They were surprised to find out that Marin’s mother, Erica, is staying there as well. After an awkward dinner, Harry suffers a heart attack during foreplay with Marin, and is rushed to the hospital. The doctor says he’ll be okay, but he has to stay in the Hamptons so that he can be monitored. Marin’s mother Erica reluctantly agrees that Harry can stay with her until he gets better.

Profession... entrepreneur. He owns Drive By Records, one of the biggest hip-hop labels in the business. Some people don't like the music because it's too crude, but he thinks rap is poetry. And it doesn't hurt that he also makes a lot of money from it.

Interests... going to exclusive clubs, serial dating younger women and generally living an indulgent lifestyle. But since he's had his heart attack, Harry's been spending a lot of time outdoors on the beach trying to get his strength back. The doctor says if he can climb a flight of stairs, he can have sex again — a goal he simply can’t wait to achieve.

Relationship Status... still single after 60 years. He usually goes for “the sweet, uncomplicated satisfaction of The Younger Woman,” and has broken more than a few hearts in his many years. Harry is a commitment-phobe who has a long list of exes that resent him.

Challenge... understanding his budding feelings for Erica. When things get complicated, Harry and Marin agree to break up. He’s been spending a lot of time getting to know her mother and, even though the two initially hated each other, they’re getting along surprisingly well now. Harry can't believe it. He's never even seen a woman her age naked before! Erica asked him if he would go to Paris with her to celebrate their birthdays — hers in January and his in February. But how can he commit to something so far in the future when he usually can't even commit to someone for next week?

Personality... a self-involved playboy, though his heart attack is a catalyst for some much needed self-evaluation. The doctor says these things are to be expected; often people begin to question everything and make amends after having a heart attack. Harry is starting to discover that he may have a more sensitive side after all.

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