Harry Pfarrer
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Harry Pfarrer

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About Him

Living… in Washington D.C. Harry has spent his whole life in the District of Columbia, but he’s only recently found himself rubbing elbows with the “Georgetown crowd.” He’s used to being charming, but is a bit out of his element in this more sophisticated crowd.

Profession… former US marshal and current employee of the Treasury Department. But Harry finds it to be incredibly droll compared to his former life as a US Marshall. He used to protect the secretary of state, risking his life daily to ensure the security of the nation. There’s a lot less glory in balancing a federal budget.

Interests… sex and exercise. There is nothing complicated about Harry Pfarrer, who spends almost all of his time concealing extramarital affairs and constantly trying to “get a run in.”

Relationship Status… married, but dating a few women at once. His most serious affair is with Katie Cox, the wife of disgraced ex-CIA analyst Osborne Cox. Still, one passionate ongoing affair isn’t enough for the incorrigible Harry Pfarrer, who is also augmenting his love life with scattered rendezvous and blind dates.

Challenge… losing the “spooks” that are supposedly following him around. Harry is prone to paranoia, a holdover from his days as a US Marshall. As he becomes increasingly sure that people are following him, Harry will delve deeper into a mystery that may or may not actually exist. Trapped in the heart of a deadly misunderstanding, and fueled by a mix of pride and paranoia, Harry is set on a collision course with the merciless forces of fate and idiocy.

Personality… fast-talking and charming. Harry supplements confidence for substance. He often doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but that doesn’t stop him from offering strong opinions. A bit of a dim-bulb, Harry seems tragically incapable of thinking ahead. A narcissist who makes an excellent first impression, Harry manages to create new relationships even faster than he destroys his old ones.

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