Harry Lockhart
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Harry Lockhart

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

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About Him

Grew up… in Indiana. When Harry was a child, he performed magic tricks as a magician named “Harold the Great.”

Living… in Los Angeles. Things weren’t working out for Harry in New York, so he decided he needed to make a change. But Harry has had to resort to small-time thievery just to get by.

Profession… aspiring actor. Harry came by his job by complete accident: after fleeing the scene of a burglary gone wrong, Harry stumbled into an audition while evading the police. He gave such a good show of emotion that they hired him on the spot for a role that he never meant to audition for. Now, Harry is working on his next role, and has private investigator Perry van Shrike (“Gay Perry”) giving him the on-hands experience he needs.

Interests… drinking and partying. Now that Harry lives the life of a Hollywood actor, he takes every chance he can to make it last – by going to parties and drinking until he can’t remember anything the next morning.

Relationship Status… single. However, Harry just happened to run into his childhood crush, Harmony Lane, at a Hollywood party. He’s so good at acting that he leads her to believe that he’s a detective. Unfortunately, Harry wakes up the next day with Harmony’s friend instead.

Challenge… figuring out who killed two young women. After witnessing killers dumping a body in a lake, Harry and Gay Perry are pulled into the investigation. Unfortunately, the killers decided to frame them. Unable to turn to the police, the two have to clear their names and stop the real killers. On top of this, Harmony calls Harry and asks him to investigate the death of her sister, Jenna, who stole Harmony’s credit cards in order to escape to L.A. for some unknown reason.

Personality… foolish, funny, and clueless. Harry just seems to get himself caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, but he contributes to this by making terrible decisions, like throwing a murder weapon with his fingerprints on it into a lake, and playing Russian roulette with a loaded pistol. He thinks he’s pretty witty and clever with his comebacks, but really, he’s not very quick on his feet.

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