Harry Goldfarb

Harry Goldfarb

    Requiem for a Dream
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… with his loving mother Sara and father Seymour. His mom continued to support him through high school, and afterwards, even when he became addicted to drugs and started needing more money than either of them had.

Living… day to day. Such is the life of a Brooklyn junkie. Harry has gotten deep into drugs, most recently with heroin. In order to sustain his habit, he has started selling drugs with his best friend Tyrone. The two of them have a plan to make a huge amount of money very quickly and then quit the hard life forever. The problem with users is that they have a hard time not using their own stash, cutting right into their profit margins – and clouding their judgment.

Profession… drug dealer. Harry never planned on being where he is. But drugs can do interesting things to people. Still, Harry has his eyes on the big prize. He’s not trying to just sell some smack on the street. He wants to make a big deal, and go home with the “winnings” a new man. He and his girlfriend Marion plan to open a designer clothing store with their loot.

Interests… eye-opening drugs, heroin, and pawning his mom’s television.

Relationship Status… dating Marion Silver. They are truly in love and plan a wonderful future together.  The only obstacles that can get in their way are drugs and money. Unfortunately, for two drug addicts who are now trying to finance their habits by any means necessary, those are pretty steep obstacles.

Challenge… not getting swallowed up by drugs, or the drug trade. Alas Harry doesn’t seem that focused on the former, and the only way to do the latter is to pull off truly major drug deals so he can afford to stop. But the bigger the drug deal, the more risk involved. Harry is willing to take the risk if it means he can go away with Marion for good.

Personality… caring and fun-loving, but swallowed up by drugs. Harry is relatively ambitious, or at least he’s as ambitious as a hardcore drug addict can be. He has huge love for his girlfriend, Marion, and for his mother, Sara, even if he takes advantage of his mom financially. But truthfully, it’s hard to have much of a personality when you’re consumed by heroin.


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