Harry DuBois

Harry DuBois

    Disco Elysium

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in a ruined hotel room in the already ruined neighborhood of Martinaise, in West Revachol. Once the greatest city in the world, Revachol has been gutten by a failed revolution, and subsequent neglect made West Revachol and Martinaise in particular into a disaster zone. However, the hotel room was ruined more recently—by Harry himself, during a bender.

Profession… a cop, or so he discovers after waking up from said bender. Harry has lost his memory, but apparently before drinking himself into a stupor, he was investigating a murder. Someone was killed behind the very hotel he’s staying in.

Interests… disco, drugs, and spooky stuff. Harry copes with his problems by getting high, imagining that he is a disco superstar, or that he is gifted with unique powers to “pierce the veil.” However, he is genuinely interested in these things, not just as a distraction. In fact, Harry can find most things interesting—he has an inquisitive personality.

Relationship Status… heartbroken. He was in love, but she’s gone now—and the mere thought of what he’s lost is almost enough to drive him into unconsciousness.

Challenge… solving the murder, saving Revachol, and rescuing his life from the wreckage. Personal trauma has made Harry disintegrate into a fractured, diseased version of himself, a state that seems nigh impossible to recover from. But he’s going to have to, because if he doesn’t solve this murder (along with his partner Kim Kitsuragi), Martinaise is about to burst into civil war.

Personality… erratic, imaginative, and detail-oriented. Harry is, or was, a great cop, because he fixates on details and doesn’t let go until the full picture is revealed. He makes deductions that break the case open on the regular—when he’s not cracking under the pressure of his own mind. Harry is a broken man, but he’s trying to piece his life back together, even if it takes making some frankly bizarre decisions.


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