Harry Black
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Harry Black

Last Exit to Brooklyn

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About Him

Grew up… in a city where being a “man” means everything. Brooklyn in the 1950s is nothing less than a jungle, especially for a working-class guy like Harry. Looking and acting tough is the first step to survival on these rough streets.

Living… with his wife and infant child. Things around the Black residence haven’t been going well for a while. Mrs. Black has been feeling neglected, and whenever Harry can bring himself to pay attention to her he always seems to erupt in violence.

Profession… machinist and union official. Ever since the machinists’ strike broke out, Harry has been living a dream. He makes more money with the union paying his wages than he does while working – plus, he gets to order a keg of beer to the office every day. “Drink up!” he tells his fellow union men. “Brewery needs the barrels!”

Interests… booze, booze, and more booze. Harry spends most of his days absolutely sauced – and the best part is that he gets it for free: “Whatever I want, I order it, and the union pays for it.”

Relationship Status… married, yet frustrated. Harry can sense that something is fundamentally wrong with his marriage, yet he doesn’t know exactly what has been irking him until he has an unexpected encounter with a man who calls himself Regina.

Challenge… maintaining the life he’s been living. The machinists’ strike has been the best time of Harry’s short, sad life, but it can’t go on forever, nor can his unhappy and abusive marriage.

Personality… tough, drunk, and insecure. Harry puts on a façade of machismo to hide his true self from the world. As a union official, he’s enjoying playing the role of boss and big man. But is his luck about to run out?

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