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Harrison Wright


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About Him

Living... in Washington D.C, where he has lived since he was a child.

Profession... “gladiator in a suit,” a.k.a one of Olivia Pope Associates’ “fixers.” Previously a luxury car salesman, Harrison worked for Adnan Salif, where he made himself a lot of money before going down for insider trading. Olivia bailed him out, which is why he is now one of her most loyal followers.

Interests... romancing women and “fixing” high-stakes situations in Washington, D.C. Although Harrison admits that he occasionally likes to buy women dinner with the hopes that they will sleep with him, Harrison is more dedicated to the job than anything else. He is a gladiator through and through, and is not afraid to admit the ferocity of his dedication to his job and Olivia: “It's not enough to say it; you've got to believe it.”

Relationship Status... single. But as an attractive man Washington D.C., Harrison is always open to using his good looks to get professional favors from women... or simply get them into bed.

Challenge... making Olivia open up to him. When her own life begins to unravel and take a toll on her, Harrison is the first not only to suspect but also to confront her about it. Ever protective of the woman who once saved him, Harrison beseeches her to rely on him rather than keep everything to herself: “I am your family. I am your gladiator. And that is not a job to me. That’s who I am. And right now you need me, so no questions asked, no matter what, whatever you need. Give me some marching orders, Liv.”

Personality... fast-talker, loyal, and influential. Harrison is very much defined by his commitment to Olivia and OPA, and is always willing to see past Olivia's occasional misdeeds to see the best in her:  “The way I see it, Liv's a good person. And if a good person has to do something bad for the right reasons, I'm down with that.” Fortunately, this loyalty and friendship extends to his other OPA mates – Abby, Quinn, and Huck – making Harrison the most compassionate and forgiving in the firm and, when needed, a leader. 

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