Harris Telemacher
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Harris Telemacher

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About Him

Living… in an “intellectual-free zone.” Harris lives a stereotypical Los Angeles lifestyle – he works in television, he is surrounded by bumbling idiots, and his wife is a two-faced social climber.

Profession… TV meteorologist. Harris is a minor celebrity of sorts. His career and his lifestyle haven’t brought him the fulfillment he expected it would. He might be famous, at least locally, but he isn’t sure that that’s worth much when it means he has to inhabit this shallow L.A. world.

Interests… eating at fancy L.A. restaurants, such as the critically acclaimed French bistro, L’Idiot. Harris, like any TV celebrity, is also very particular about his coffee: “I’ll have a half double decaffeinated half-caf, with a twist of lemon.’

Relationship Status… in a dead-end relationship with a woman named Trudi. They don’t have any real connection, other than sex. Trudi might not even be faithful to him. Their relationship is meaningless, like so much else in L.A.

Challenge… pursuing and landing the woman of his dreams. When Harris realizes that his marriage is going downhill, he sets his sights on the sophisticated Sara, an English journalist. But she might be interested in someone else. Will he be able to woo her away from her other prospects and finally find real happiness?

Personality… bumbling, kind, and funny. Harris is looking for real love in a very un-real city. It's hard not to root for him to find it.

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