Harold Shand
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Harold Shand

The Long Good Friday

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About Him

Grew Up… in Brixton, the rough end of London. Harold grew up in the criminal underworld, and rose from South London’s shabby shantytowns to the height of criminal success.

Living… in his penthouse in London. Harold has a good life already, with a yacht in the Thames and a Rolls Royce in his driveway. Being a con man has its perks.

Profession… gangster. As a London gangster, Harold was a big player in the London underground for many years. But now he wants to lead a life as a real businessman. He’s on his way to working out a deal with the American Mafia to develop London’s Docklands, a disused industrial area. As he describes the arrangement, “I’m setting up the biggest deal in Europe with the hardest organization since Hitler stuck a swastika on his jockstrap.”

Interests… culture and his work. Harold takes pride in what he does, and sees his new deal as an opportunity to do something for Britain. As he explains in his cockney accent, “What I’m looking for is someone who can contribute to what England has given the World: culture, sophistication, genius. A little bit more than an ‘ot dog, know what I mean?”

Relationship Status… in a relationship with his beloved mistress, Victoria. The posh and sophisticated Victoria doubles as his business partner, putting a respectable face on his criminal dealings.

Challenge… figuring out who wants to destroy him. On Good Friday, Harold finds his enterprise being torn apart by a series of murders and car bombs. No worries, though – the brutal Harold will go to any length to find out who’s trying to destroy him. As he grimly promises, “I’ll have his carcass dripping blood by midnight.”

Personality… proud, cruel, and cunning. Harold has never been one to stand down in a confrontation if insulted and he’s willing to get his hands bloody if it means protecting himself and his life’s work. He knows exactly how to get people to do what he wants.

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