Harold "Happy" Loman
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Harold "Happy" Loman

Death of a Salesman

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About Him

Grew Up… in the shadow of his older brother Biff. Happy always wanted nothing more than to be as good as Biff – or, at least, as loved by his father. His one-sided childhood rivalry with Biff has lasted all through their young adulthood.

Living… in the darkest time in Loman family history. His father, Willy, is having a mid-life crisis and shows no signs of getting better. Meanwhile Biff is on the cusp of accepting a career he does not want. As usual, Happy is caught right in the middle. No one gives him enough credit or takes him seriously enough to let him help. Happy, nevertheless, mediates and tries to quell arguments.

Profession… assistant to the assistant buyer at the local store. He wants to move up in the ranks, and will gladly take bribes if it means getting just a little bit ahead in the game.

Interests… girls, money, and his parents’ approval. Sadly, he rarely gets a nod of approval from his mother, and even less from his father. They think he is cheap, even if they constantly borrow money from him.

Relationship Status… womanizer. Happy is still at that stage when being a player seems like the best option. He has no intention of settling on one woman just yet. At least not until he figures out what his own true calling in life is – which doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon.

Challenge… gaining acceptance from his parents. Happy just can’t seem to make his father proud. He is constantly being overlooked in favor of Biff, who is constantly being worried over and talked about. Happy wishes they would worry about him more; sadly, he could use both the attention and the help.

Personality… a bit lost, and not nearly as “Happy” as his nickname suggests. Yet, he’s the most cooperative of the family – the one trying to keep peace in the household. He still butts heads with his mother, who constantly criticizes him openly. Happy has never really been given a real chance by his parents, and he has yet to overcome that hurdle even as an adult.

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