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Hannah and Her Sisters

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Overview… a formerly successful actress who has since retired to family life with her second husband, the sweet accountant Elliot. The two of them live in Manhattan, and have a family together. However, things begin to crumble when her husband secretly has an affair with her sister Lee, and her sister Holly writes a tell-all book based on her marriage to Elliot. With her husband growing more and more distant and her family stabbing her in the back in more ways than one, she is understandably having a hard time coping.

Personality… competent, self-sufficient, and emotional. Everyone in her family views Hannah as the golden child because she had such success in her professional life, and her two sisters seem jealous of her. But her personal life is not something to envy; it is a mess. Hannah tries to stay calm and steady throughout it all, but she’s reaching a boiling point.

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