Hannah Baker

Hannah Baker

    Thirteen Reasons Why

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in the town of Crestmont with her parents. Her family just moved there from Bristol, and an overbearing mother makes it hard for Hannah to feel independent. Her mom doesn’t let her be on her phone when doing her homework or text certain “friends.”

Profession… high school student at Liberty High. In the two short months that she’s moved to town, she already has a job at the town’s movie theatre, The Crestmont. In addition to her work responsibilities, she has personally taken on an unlikely and shy trainee, Clay Jensen. Hannah likes her job at the movie theatre because it gives her the opportunity to flirt. For guys she likes, she makes sure to only put butter on the top of their popcorn so they’ll come back for more. 

Interests… trying new things, hot chocolates, and teasing Clay Jensen. She loves to hang out at the café after school with her best friends Jessica and Clay. 

Relationship status… crushing on varsity basketball player Justin Foley. She’s done her research on him, “casually appearing” just outside his third-period geometry class. Although she says she enjoys watching school basketball games because she wants to get the full high school experience, she’s really just there because Justin Foley is playing. 

Challenge… being the new student at school. Hannah has worked hard to make friends, and it seems that everybody is welcoming her to Liberty High with open arms. But in reality, Hannah wasn’t prepared for the backstabbing or humiliation. Hannah’s story begins with her suicide, and the challenge is more for us. Why did she do it?

Personality… smart, social, and witty. Her jokes and clever sarcasm make for instantaneous friendships. Hannah is charming through and through. As Hannah opens up, it becomes clear that deep down she is hurting intensely, largely due to the cruel teenagers in her life.


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