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Living… in Brooklyn, New York. Hanna just recently moved in with Eve. They were in the same preschool class, but hadn’t seen each other until Eve’s mom called up Hanna and mentioned she needed a roommate. So now Hanna’s in Eve’s apartment, and as Hanna says, “I’ve never lived in such a nice apartment before.”

Profession… small business owner. Hanna is the woman behind Bake n’ Bake, an operation whose whole selling point is that Hanna is high while she makes the baked goods. So far, it’s actually going pretty well.

Interests… smoking pot, adventures, and having fun. Hanna doesn’t take life too seriously, unlike her grumpy roommate Eve. She has invented many fun activities, of which a notable one is “urban skiing” – sliding on fast-food trays through snow-covered streets.

Relationship Status… dating Marek, a laconic Polish college student. They have a fantastic relationship. When Hanna moved into Eve’s place, Marek even brought her his own mattress so she would have somewhere to sleep.

Challenge… getting along with Eve. Hanna is energetic, enthusiastic, and adventurous – the exact opposite of Eve. Still, Hanna wants them to be friends. After all, life as a twenty-something in New York can be pretty crappy without someone to lean on. Right now, though, Hanna sees it as her duty to bring Eve out of the boring, unsatisfying life she’s been stuck in.

Personality… high-energy, affectionate, and a little crass. Hanna doesn’t care about rules – or really any kind of restrictions at all. She’ll go topless in Central Park, if she wants to. And she does want to. Hanna’s biggest flaw might be that she shares a little too much. Her superpower (if she had one) is never being bored, but she also assumes that everyone else would like to be doing something all the time too.

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