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Breaking Bad

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Living… in a nice home in suburban Albuquerque with his wife Marie. Her sister lives nearby, and it’s nice to have family so close. Complicated, too.

Profession…Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) of the Albuquerque office of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Hank’s work can often be a burden—one that he obsesses over—but he does his best to leave the darker side of his work at work.

Interests… barbequing with his family and putting away a few beers with his DEA partner, Steven Gomez.

Relationship Status… married to Marie, sister to Skyler White. He’s a good husband and provider, though his dangerous job is a source of worry for Marie. Meanwhile her increasingly compulsive behavior and kleptomania troubles Hank, though he’s trying his best to help. As he tells Skyler, “We’re workin’ on it. She’s got this therapist… but it’s an ongoing process, Sky. And we’ve gotta be understanding, you know, we’ve gotta, uh, support the [heck] out of her.”

Challenge… blue meth. This extremely pure recipe of meth with its signature blue coloring has been turning up across the American Southwest, and it becomes something of an obsession for ASAC Schrader. The web of crimes and connections that he slowly pieces together points him in the direction of businessman Gus Fring and the mysterious “Heisenberg,” the region’s meth kingpin.

Personality… boisterous and loud. Hank values brawn over brains, and his attitude shows it. He tells his brother-in-law Walt, “You got a brain the size of Wisconsin, but we aren’t gonna hold that against you… [since] your heart’s in the right place.”

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