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Grew up… on the tough streets of New York City. Hank is, and always will be, a New Yorker. Despite his newer, cleaner, sunnier surroundings in Southern California, Hank will always have a bit of the New York grit about him.

Living… a hedonistic life in Los Angeles. Hank has never been one to turn down a bit of pleasure, and he’s finding it difficult to give up his most destructive vice: women. Hank’s adopted city is full of beautiful women who all want a piece of the party-boy writer. “I may be easy, but I’m not sleazy,” he says. But it can be a fine line indeed.

Profession… novelist, though Hank has been suffering from a case of writer’s block recently. He hoped that moving to L.A. would help him write his new novel along with his screenplay, but he’s been a bit distracted by all that his new city has to offer.

Interests… women, booze and cigarettes. Hank is the quintessential tortured artist; he distracts himself from his pain and anguish with whiskey and women. His motto is, “A morning of awkwardness is far better than a night of loneliness.”

Relationship Status… technically single, but Hank’s longtime lover Karen is always on his mind and often in his life. The two have a daughter, Becca, who needs a stable, loving father figure. Hank wants to be there for his daughter, but it’s difficult when he’s surrounded by the glamour of Los Angeles.

Challenge… being a responsible father for Becca and a reliable boyfriend to Karen. Hank doesn’t really want to deal with the pressures of family life. It’s far easier to have a one-night stand than to stay home and face his responsibilities.

Personality… witty, charming, and bold. Hank lives the rough life of a writer on the edge, and he doesn’t really care who he pushes away or offends. 

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