Hank Lawson
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Hank Lawson

Royal Pains

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About Him

Living... in the Hamptons, at the summer estate of the wealthy and mysterious Boris Kuester von Jurgens-Ratenicz, who has more than a few million in the bank for each letter in his name. Life hasn’t always been this cushy for Hank, though – before moving to the Hamptons he had just been fired, dumped and was moping around in a dirty New York apartment.

Profession... concierge doctor for his own business, HankMed, after being blackballed from every hospital in New York City. He chose to treat a teenager in need of urgent care instead of a high profile hospital donor in stable condition. The benefactor died, so now he is a private physician for the rich and famous and anyone else experiencing a medical emergency who he happens to cross paths with. The CFO of HankMed is his brother Evan, and the two butt heads frequently over Evan’s desire to grow the business. But Hank knows all to well how dicey things can get when one mixes business and medicine. 

Interests… jogging on the beach, playing basketball, and fixing up his Saab 900 Turbo convertible. Hank is focused on creating a healthy, active and busy life for himself in the Hamptons after the dark period that followed his firing.

Relationship Status... recently dumped by a fiancée who sided with the hospital who fired him. But he has bounced back pretty quickly. In the Hamptons, he met Jill, a hospital administrator who is as idealistic as he is.

Challenge... operating outside the ER even though he constantly finds himself in emergency situations. That means becoming something of a MacGyver and using whatever he has around him to save the day. That could mean using cornstarch to clot a wound or gum and a water bottle to create a vacuum to clear a throat blockage.                                                                                            

Personality... persistent, focused, affable, and compassionate. Family and medicine are the two most important things in his life, and he pushes himself to be the best doctor and brother possible. He has a great bedside manner, but he doesn’t sugar coat things. He can be brutally honest with his brother when he disagrees with him over business issues. They’ll fight, but at the end of the day they can’t help but hug it out.

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