Hank Kingsley
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Hank Kingsley

The Larry Sanders Show

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About Him

Grew up… barely. Hank is known for being a bit childlike. His naiveté is often difficult for his co-workers to deal with.

Living… in Los Angeles, Calif., on a comfortable salary. Hank lives the life of a (very) minor celebrity. He has the smallest fan club and the least-read newsletter in Hollywood.

Profession… sidekick and announcer on The Larry Sanders Show. Hank loves his job and his show’s host, perhaps in a strange way: “I mean Larry is a wonderful guy, he’s kind, funny, rich – my God, he’s the boss. I’d date him if I could.”

Relationship Status… single and dating. Hank loves the ladies, but his demanding celebrity schedule doesn’t allow time for the work of a relationship. Not that Hank is exactly known for hard work in any sphere of his life. Every now and then, he enjoys the company of a stripper or two. “You know,” he says, “sex is not a crime. It’s a loving act between two or more consenting adults.”

Challenge… promoting himself and maneuvering out from under Larry’s shadow. Hank would say that he, as the announcer, is extremely undervalued. No one else in Hollywood can throw around his catchphrase (“Hey now!”) like he can.

Personality… easy-going and oblivious, but insecure. The show’s hard-nosed producer Artie likes to say that Hank “keeps his brain home in a box.” Hank is often the butt of jokes around the office, but he doesn't seem to care.

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