Hank Hill
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Hank Hill

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About Him

Living... in suburban Arlen, Texas with his wife, Peggy, and their son, Bobby. Extremely proud of his Texan and American heritage, Hank is noticeably moved at the sight of anything patriotic, such as a flag swaying in the wind.

Profession... assistant manager at Strickland Propane. Hank's work is his pride and joy. He only misses work for the most dire of circumstances, and he has absolutely no problem championing his fuel to anyone and everyone. He might take it a bit too seriously, once telling his boss, “You called in a fake propane emergency? That’s a $50 fine after I report it."

Interests... football, beer, and avoiding change. As a rule, Hank doesn’t like what he doesn't understand. When he encounters goths, for example, Hank says that, “the only reason why your nails should be black is because you hit them with a hammer."

Relationship Status... married to Peggy. Although their personalities are very different, they make a good team. He is deeply devoted to his wife, but Hank is extremely uncomfortable with displays of affection. Even something as innocent as holding hands.

Challenge... dealing with his insecurity. As headstrong as he is, Hank is still easily distressed. He values personal space and is uncomfortable with anyone other than his immediate family discussing his private life. Although Hank tries to maintain a level of privacy, that proves difficult with his gossipy wife and nosey friends.

Personality... stubborn and judgmental, but well-meaning. Hank is prone to bursts of anger when he is put in a compromising situation, often leading to threats of "I'm gonna kick your ass!" He rarely acts on those threats, though. A traditionalist in many ways, Hank tries to embody manly virtues such as stubbornness, self-sufficiency, and emotional control.

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