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Hank Dolworth


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Living... in Ocean Beach, California. It’s a sleepy, scruffy town on the water just south of San Diego. Surf bars, ice cream carts and criminal conspiracies – the perfect place for a cut-rate, laid-back private investigator trying to get his hands just dirty enough to get his life back together.

Profession... unlicensed private investigator with his best friend Britt Pollack. Hank used to be a cop and Britt used to be a thief and now they’re both somewhere in the middle. Hank’s drinking got out of control and he lost his spot on the force and his wife, Gretchen. Now he spends his days stumbling into small-stakes cases instead of stumbling home from the bar. 

Interests… eating a nice burger, and shooting the breeze with Britt in their surveillance van. He’s a man of simple pleasures.

Relationship Status... divorced. He’s not over it, either. He bought his ex-wife Gretchen’s house from her and got Britt to lift her new fiancé’s wallet to run a background check. And mess up his credit score with a few purchases here and there. But revenge turns to concern when that background check brings back something shocking. Does he tell her what he finds? Will she even listen?

Challenge... dealing with life as a recovering alcoholic. And with Gretchen marrying a new guy, Hank could really use a drink. And the PI business doesn’t pay great when you’re unlicensed – he’s lucky to grab a couple hundred bucks from a case that takes a couple weeks. Life in Ocean Beach isn’t as carefree as it looks.        

Personality... a stubborn, prickly liar, but very loyal. Hanks cares like hell about the people he loves. Sure he wants Gretchen back, but he’d rather she’s safe and happy. And while his cases give his mind something to chew on instead of guilt, regret and temptation, he really does his job to help people.

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