Hal Larson
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Hal Larson

Shallow Hal

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About Him

Grew Up… trying to live by his father’s last words. The elder Rev. Larson whispered in his son’s ear with his last dying breath, “Hot young tail is what it’s all about.” So far, Hal has done his best to make his father proud and only bed classic beauties.

Living… a life dedicated to the pursuit of the perfect woman. Hal has what he politely refers to as “high standards” when it comes to women: “I like ‘em real young.” Unfortunately, the short, pudgy Hal has a bit of a hard time finding a woman with Britney Spears’ tush and Heidi Klum’s “headlights.”

Visiting… the local nightclub every night. Hal is getting tired of being passed over by beautiful women. He just doesn’t seem to get that his dancing is completely lame and his pickup lines are the oldest in the book.

Profession… office worker. Hal was recently passed over for a highly sought-after promotion that he thought he had in the bag. While stuck in his gloomy state, Hal has a chance encounter with motivational speaker Tony Robbins (“the TV guru guy,” as Hal describes him) that ends up changing his entire outlook on life.

Interests… women, women and women. After his impromptu session with Tony Robbins (in which Hal was unknowingly hypnotized), he’s been on a lucky streak with the ladies. Unbeknownst to Hal, Robbins has cast a spell that reveals the opposite sex’s inner beauty to him – as a result, he perceives conventionally unattractive women as slim, stunning models.

Relationship Status… dating his boss’s daughter, Rosemary Shanahan. Due to Rosemary’s good nature – she volunteers at the local hospital and spent time in the Peace Corps – Hal sees her as a svelte and sophisticated beauty. In reality, though, she is quite obese, and Mr. Shanahan suspects that Hal is only showing an interest in her to secure the coveted promotion.

Challenge… overcoming his deeply ingrained shallowness. Hal is smitten with Rosemary, who proves to be a kind, generous, loving human being – easily the most perfect woman Hal has ever dated. Unfortunately, he doesn’t yet know that the elegant body he perceives is just an illusion. Robbins hopes his spell causes Hal to change his ways and learn to value inner beauty.

Personality… shallow, nerdy and slightly pathetic. Hal is a squat man with a lot of determination. His relentless pursuit of women hasn’t always gone well, but things have changed since he met Rosemary. He doesn’t have the most honorable intentions and is to quick to judge others at face value, but after spending time with Rosemary, Hal just may learn that an attractive outward appearance doesn’t necessarily make someone truly beautiful.

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