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Guido Contini


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About Him

Grew Up… in Italy. As a young man, he learned the ways of love from a prostitute. Ever since then, his relationships with women in his life have been extremely difficult.

Living… in Rome with his wife who is a former actress. 

Profession… critically acclaimed film director. Guido emerged from obscurity to become an incredible director. At the age of 50 years old, though, Guido is struggling to remain artistically relevant, despite his lengthy film career. Guido is working on his ninth film, and despite being confident in a press conference when asked about it, it's clear that he's struggling.

Relationship Status… complicated. He has a suicidal mistress. And his wife is complaining that she's forgone her own art and sacrificed her freedom to be his wife, and yet she's been relatively ignored in favor of his mistress, Carla.

Challenge… overcoming his writer's block and depression. At one point, Guido muses to himself: "Nothing holds together, nothing makes a bit of sense now. Impossible to grasp or understand. How can I go on to watch the whole of my existence end up being nothing that I planned?" Desperate, he has turned to the many women of his past to help him. But that will require him to sort out the issues with his relationships that he’s never bothered to touch before.

Personality… existential, artistic, and consumed.

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