Guido Anselmi
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Guido Anselmi


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About Him

Grew Up… in the manner of many young artists. He was greatly affected by a handful of events, which he would never forget, and endlessly attempt to recreate in his work during adulthood. Guido’s numerous loves and experiences in childhood were the main basis of his neurotic behavior and inability to find fulfillment in his work. 

Living… in an existential slump. Now a famous film director, Guido must juggle the expectations of his new film with his own personal struggles of life and love. Caught between the dream world of his mind and reality, Guido struggles to find a direction for his largest film production yet—a film he doesn’t even understand himself. He is constantly changing the script, constantly doubting himself—all while failing to keep his personal relationships from falling apart, let alone his own psyche.

Profession… director. Guido has had great success as a filmmaker, and his success has only made him more doubtful and stressed. Unable to even write an acceptable version of his new science fiction film, Guido retreats into his own psyche, digging up past memories of his early love life to help point his way.

Interests… escape, mistresses, large set pieces.

Relationship Status… married. Although he has a wife, Luisa, he also spends a great deal of time handling his mistress, Carla. All Guido really wants though—if he even knows what he wants—is to regress to the innocence of virginity, which for him is symbolized by Claudia, a pure, young girl.

Challenge… sorting out his personal and professional life before going insane. Guido may not be able to find a real direction for his film, but at the very least, he can decide whether he wants to save his marriage, or let it fall to the wayside.

Personality… confused, lost, mentally blocked. Guido is still able to retain his self-critical sense of humor throughout his entire crisis, but he isn’t able to retain much else. He is in a state of emergency, and the only way out of his head is through a deep self-reflective journey inside of it.

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